Realistic Jointed Crankbait Swimbait


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Category: LURE

Position: Ocean Boat Fishing

Position: Ocean Beach Fishing

Position: LAKE

Position: River

Position: Reservoir Pond

Position: stream

Position: Ocean Rock Fishing

Quantity: 1 pcs

Model Number: Hard Bait


Type A 8-Segments: 14cm 23g

Type B 8-Segments: 13.5cm 19g

Type C 8-Segments: 10cm 10.4g

Type E 6-Segments: 10cm 17.5g

Type F 7-Segments: 10cm 15g

Type G 8-Segments: 12.5cm 18g

Type H 8-Segments: 10cm 8.7g

Type I 8-Segments: 10cm 10.5g

Lure Body Material: Brand New Super ABS Plastic

Attribute: Slow Sinking

Hooks: 2 High Carbon Steel Treble Fishing Hooks

Color: 60+ Colors Available

Category: Fake Lure

Suitable fingerling: Bass, Yellow Perch, Walleye, Pike, Muskie, Roach, Trout, Etc

Package: VTAVTA Nice Box

Feature 1: Lifelike Action

Feature 2: Wobblers

Feature 3: Jointed Lure

Feature 4: Crankbait Swimbait

Feature 5: 6/7/8 Segments

Feature 6: Fishing Tackle Lure

Feature 7: Trout Lure

Feature 8: Crankbaits Fishing

Feature 9: Jointed Bait

Feature 10: Trout Fishing



*Product Details:

– Brand:VTAVTA

– Lure Type:6/7/8-Segement Jointed Bait

– Diving Depth:Sinking

– Hook:2 Brand Treble Hooks

– Lure Material:High Quality Materials From Japan,Steel Balls,3D Eyes

– Each Model Parameter:

Type A: 8-Segments 14cm 23g

Type B: 8-Segments 13.5cm 19g

Type C: 10-Segments 10cm 10.4g

Type E: 6-Segments 10cm 17.5g

Type F: 7-Segments: 10cm 15g

Type G: 8-Segments 12.5cm 18g

Type H: 8-Segments 10cm 8.7g

Type I: 8-Segments 10cm 10.5g (NEW)


*Lure Features:

1) S-Swimming Motion At Any Speed– The Body Pieces Connect With Textile Fabrics Allows This Lures Wiggles To Side To Side Like A Real Fish Would Swim.

2) Super Lifelike Exterior– Constructed From High Quality Materials From Japan, Expertly Designed And Rigorously Tested, 3d Realistic Looking Eyes And Life-Like Holographic Body Make It A Real Fish.

3) Built-In Gravity Ball– Raise The Throw Distance, Produce Sound Attracts The Big Predators. Streamlined Design Reduces Wind Resistance During Throwing.

4) Widely Fishing Species– Reusable Environment Protective Largemouth Crankbaits. Different Colors And Patterns To Match Any Fishing Environment.Both For  Freshwater And Saltwater.Great For Fishing Bass, Yellow Perch, Walleye, Pike, Muskie, Carp, Roach, Trout, Etc.

5) 100% Satisfaction Guarantee– Great Must-Have Item For Anglers, Well-Packed, Available Perfect Gifts For Birthday, Anniversary, Thanksgiving, Christmas Etc.More Buyers Choose 5 Pcs CombinationAs Gifts Which Can Come Faster And Safer.

*Every VTAVTA lure is handmade to the highest standards in Japan. Each lure is worked on by many skilled hard bait builders before it is finally ready to be boxed and shipped out. All lures are individually tank tested to ensure the very best quality when they hit the shops.Keep fishing fun.


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140mm 23g A1, 140mm 23g A2, 135mm 19g B1, 135mm 19g B8, 140mm 23g A3, 140mm 27g C2, 140mm 23g A4, 135mm 19g B5, 140mm 27g C1, 140mm 27g C3, 140mm 23g A17, 140mm 23g A6, 140mm 23g A7, 140mm 23g A8, 140mm 23g A9, 140mm 23g A10, 140mm 23g A11, 140mm 23g A12, 140mm 23g A13, 140mm 23g A14, 140mm 23g A15, 140mm 23g A16, 125mm 18g G5, 140mm 23g A18, 100mm 17g E6, 100mm 17g E1, 100mm 15g F4, 135mm 19g B7, 100mm 10g C1, 100mm 15g F1, 125mm 18g G7, 125mm 18g G6, 125mm 18g G3, 125mm 18g G2, 125mm 18g G1, 100mm 15g F2, 100mm 10g C2, 100mm 10g C7, 100mm 10g C17, 100mm 10g C18, 100mm 10.5g I1, 100mm 10.5g I2, 100mm 10.5g I6, 100mm 10.5g I7, 100mm 10.5g I13, 140mm 27g C4, 135mm 19g B3, 135mm 19g B2, 140mm 23g A5, 140mm 27g C5, 135mm 19g B11, 140mm 27g C6, 135mm 19g B9, 135mm 19g B10, 100mm 20g E2, 100mm 11g I3, 100mm 11g I4, 100mm 8g H1, 100mm 8g H3, 100mm 8g H5, 100mm 8g H6, 100mm 8g H7

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