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1. Charging and heating, intelligent temperature control heating socks, 360° heating in all directions, no dead ends, a new era of warm winter

2. Sewing hemming, non-walking, quality assurance, fine-grained edges make the socks stronger and more sturdy.

3. Convenient battery heating, insert the battery into the battery bag, you can enjoy the warmth wherever you go, it is really convenient and practical

4.Preferably combed cotton fabric, natural material, fine fiber, skin-friendly and breathable, comfortable to wear

5. Elastic socks, good elastic performance, dense knitting, and texture


Composition: 93.8% cotton + 5.3% zinc fiber + 0.9% spandex

Heating film location: forefoot

Battery: 5-1.0A

Crowd: Unisex

Size: Free size (34-44 size foot length is applicable)

Washing: Take off the power before washing

Features: safety, elasticity, comfort

Instructions for use:

High level=55°C, high temperature mode, three indicator lights

Mid-range=45°C, mid-temperature mode, two indicator lights are on

Low gear=35°C, low temperature mode, one indicator light is on

Opening method: long press the power for 2~3 seconds, short press the switch to adjust gears to meet the needs of different groups of people.

Washing instructions:

1. Take out the power supply before washing

2. Put the socks into the laundry bag before washing them

3. To ensure that the socks are thoroughly dried or dried, ironing at low temperature can be used for shaping


1. This product cannot be used in high-level workplaces;

2. It is recommended not to use high temperature for a long time to avoid skin discomfort;

3. Do not use during sleep, and it is forbidden to use this product to unconscious people

4. Pregnant women, children and babies are prohibited from using it;

5. Do not use if the skin is sensitive to heat;

6. It is forbidden to scratch the heating sheet with sharp objects



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